Creep Sandwich has several meanings to me, none of which are bad.  First, it was the first thing my son said when I asked what I should name the blog.  We love the word creep, for us it represents someone who is different and is not afraid to be different.  It’s okay to be weird, we embrace it.  Of course, I did do my research just to see if anyone else owned the name.  I actually found that there is a definition for “creep sandwich”.  According to the Urban Dictionary, a creep sandwich occurs when “you are forced in to [a creepy situation] unknowingly or against your will.”  Well I’ll be the first to tell you, that’s the story of my life.  Life is one big creep sandwich.  We all come from different backgrounds, situations, mindsets, beliefs, etc. and then we are expected to understand one another and get along.  Having to deal with other people’s bad attitudes, bad intentions, and ill will puts some of us in a great amount of discomfort forcing us to craft, read, invent, write and do other constructive things.  Make lemons into lemonade right?  So Creep Sandwich is my way to share the weird, artistic, funny, random things that make me happy, help me meditate, help me escape, and sometimes stress me out. Enjoy!



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