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Recent Makes

Happy New Year! Just stopping by today to show you some of the items I’ve made over the past couple of months. First up are a couple pair of comfy joggers. I used Simplicity pattern 8268, and I must say it is a super easy pattern.  I was able to cut the fabric and sew the pants within a day both times. This pattern is a real confidence booster for me. The finished product really is extra comfy and cute! I made the colorful pair for Thanksgiving so my tummy would have room to expand.  I made the gray pair right after New Year’s Day.

I finally accomplished my goal of selling some of my handmade items. I met a nice young lady on Instagram last year who has purchased quite a few items from me.  First she  ordered a Fauxdori Traveler’s Journal.  I freestyled and decked it out with a zipper pocket on the inside, a real leather strap, and wooden beads.  I also handmade the notebook inserts.  It was a fun project.   img_0262-17c0ffc99-2c3b-449b-9a25-93dc2ad22282

For her next order she requested I make two things that I had never thought I’d be making… That’s a vest for a dog and a jabot.  I had no idea what a jabot was when she first asked. Thank goodness for Google.  I found out it’s a fancy word for a fancy collar (think pirates or Prince).  I couldn’t find a pattern anywhere online to make one like the picture she sent, so I drafted it.  For the dog vest, I used McCall’s M7452, some wool, faux suede, and ribbon.
I made a couple of throw pillows for my mom and a piece of artwork of the continent of Africa for my dad.

I have made other things as well. But I don’t always get a good picture, and sometimes I don’t get a picture at all before I send things to the recipient. I recently started crocheting with the help of books, blogs, and YouTube. I’ve made a couple hats and toys. Check out my Instagram page for more pictures of recent projects.  What have you made recently?  Do you have any sewing/ making/crafting/business goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments!



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