Welcome to day 2 of 2016.  If you read my blog post yesterday, you might remember that I “resolved” to do more making this year.  Although there are many forms of crafting that I enjoy, my favorite has become sewing.  I wish I could say I had sewn some astronomical number of items in 2015, but I’d be lying.  I will say that I put more of myself in to getting into my craft room and getting things done.  I found a best friend in a fellow sewist on Instagram, and she has pushed me to clean my space and make time to sew.  My goal is to keep the momentum going.  To do so, I have decided to #seweveryday and rack up #366daysofsewing

Now let’s be honest, it can be hard to sew everyday.  Heck, it’s hard to do anything everyday outside of breathing.  Things happen, things come up, and sometimes we just don’t feel like doing anything.  That last one definitely describes me.  So #366daysofsewing refers to doing something sewing-related every single day.  Besides actual sewing, this may refer to prepping patterns, prepping fabric, studying a sewing book, watching a Craftsy class, watching a YouTube tutorial, or even writing a sewing-related blog post.  My point is just to keep the world of sewing on my mind and create more items than I did last year (that should be easy).

Yesterday I cleaned up my crafting space in preparation for today’s sewing activity, so yes I will count that as day 1.  Today, I traced and cut out the patterns for a pajama shirt I am making.  I’ve been afraid to use my Swedish tracing paper, but found that it was pretty fun and easy.  I will definitely be using the tracing paper for all my patterns from now on.  That way I don’t have to cut up that flimsy tissue paper.  I usually have bouts of anxiety fussing with that stuff anyway.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my Swedish tracing paper patterns.  If you plan on sewing everyday this year, use the tag #366daysofsewing on your social media pictures so I can find you and see what you’re up to.



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