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Trying to Get My Life- Organizing My Craft Room

Greetings my friends!  A lot has happened since the last time I posted anything.  The biggest two things are that I moved and I enrolled my second-grader in public school.  I will address the school thing in a later post.  Right now, I’m going to show you my new creative space.

I finally finished up my Bachelor’s degree program back in June. Yay me!  I thought it meant I would instantly have time to really start digging in to the creative side of my brain and start cranking out art.  The problem was I had no space to make it happen.  Why?  Because I can be lazy at times (all the time).  Back in April, we moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house, from the city to the country.  Rent is cheaper here even though we have tons more space.  When we moved in, the plan was for the boys to have their own rooms.  But Elijah changed his mind and wanted his little brother to stay with him.  That means I got a craft room. Yay me again!  Unfortunately, up until last week, this is what it looked like.


I know, I know. Disgusting, sad, ridiculous, horrible.  That’s how I felt every time I walked past this room.  I have wanted a craft room ever since I could remember, and this is how I treated it when I finally got it.  I did halfway organize it at one point when I unpacked the boxes.  But I just kept bringing in more and more thrift store finds without putting them up or trying to truly organize the room.  How could I expect to create anything with a space like this?  Just because my brain feels as messy as this room looked, didn’t mean I had to let the room look like this.  So I finally got off my butt and made it happen.

filingcabinetbefore (1) filingcabinetsanded (1)

First I started by revamping some old filing cabinets I bought at the thrift store.  A local thrift store was going out of business and everything was 75% off.  The filing cabinets were originally $9.99 each, so I paid $2.49 each.  I cleaned them up really well with disinfectant, plucked pieces of tape off of them, and gave them a light sand to remove a few spots of rust.  I used some contact paper that I purchased at Target for $5.99 to cover them and make them pretty.  They were absolutely my motivation for finally cleaning up that messy room of mine.  My filing cabinets now house my sewing patterns, which is the same purpose they served at the thrift store.

filingcabinetafter (1)   filingcabinetpatterns (1)

It took me a few days to organize my things and get rid of things I really did not need.  But when I finished, I felt accomplished and proud.  I finally have the craft room of my dreams.  When I want to, I just walk in and grab what I need and sit down and create.  I no longer have to crawl over things or dig through bags to find what I need.  It’s a true sanctuary now.  When the kids are irking my nerves, I disappear in to my room (2 doors separate my room from the rest of the house).  I even have the kids’ old 22″ television and my Apple TV device set up.  I am able to watch my Netflix, Craftsy tutorials, and other things while I create.  It’s pretty awesome.  Decluttering my room has actually helped declutter my brain.  I am able to do other things that I have been putting off because I do not feel the guilt of a messy, unused craft room.  I’ll leave you with my final “after” pictures of my craft room.  Feel free to leave any questions or comments!  Peace.

craftroomafter3 (1)  craftroomafter (1) craftroomafter2 (1)  craftroomafter4 (1)


6 thoughts on “Trying to Get My Life- Organizing My Craft Room

  1. That room looks so artsy! It’s impressive what you created! Thank you! It’s actually motivating me to get back on track with my book!


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