Happy New Year

Greetings and Happy New Year!

You may have noticed a change if you have been to my blog before.  It is because I decided to go with a new service provider to host my blog.  I like WordPress so far, it is far more user friendly.  Hopefully this will equate to me posting more often than I did last year.  I guess time will tell.

Hopefully you all had a fun, safe and enjoyable holiday season.  Even though holidays are not the same as they were when I was a child, I can say I am grateful for the time spent with my mom and my husband and kids.  I had a chance to rest for the past week during my school’s winter break.  I’m feeling a little like the reset button was pushed and I am ready to press on toward graduation.  I’m certainly hoping to actually get my business off the ground and make a name for myself.  No resolutions this year, I just want to see progress in as many aspects of my life as possible.

Enjoy this new blog and format and tell a friend to stop by as well. Peace.



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